Aug 31

Malibu-Pilates-ChairMalibu Pilates™ Chair

The New Malibu Chair is part of its NEW Hybrid Pilates Home Studio, total body workout solutions.   This slick unit  folds-up and easily fits into a closet,under a bed or into the back
seat of your car.

Sculpt your legs, arms, buttocks, and thighs while target toning your abs with every move you make.   The chair is simple to adjust on the fly, so you can maintain your workout flow and keep your heart rate up for continuous calorie burning Pilates workout.Folded Malibu Dawn

The Malibu Pilates chair is lightweight but solidly built to accommodate all body sizes.  The chair is well padded and , is comfortable to sit, stand and lie on and the padded area is a generous size.

The Malibu Pilates Chair has an evolved design Red Malibu Pilates Chairand it is simple to adjust the resistance (springs) and the foot-bar (you can use it as one long foot-bar for both feet/hands or two separate ones to work each side of your body independently). This dual foot-bar is a plus, as not all “wunda” chairs have this feature.

Joseph Pilates Chair is an  amazing pieces of equipment and the exercises you can do on them will work just about every muscle group in your body and especially your core.   This piece of equipment is perfect for beginning as well as advanced workouts.  It can fold up and store easily.   and it is priced  to sell.

Please view the You tube Video of Joseph Pilates demonstrating  his Pilates Chair and you can see the genius of the work he designed and refined a half of a century ago.  This man was truly way ahead of his time and we are delighted to shair his work with you.  Stay tuned for a series of Pilates Chair exercises that you can download for free.

Engage your core like never before.  Try Hybrid Pilates program Today

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Jul 06

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Joseph Pilates demonstrates his functional furniture on his ingenious Pilates Chair back in 1932.  Pilates realizing the necessity of convenience converted his living room chair into what he called the  “Wonda Chair”.   Pilates is performing the seated Leg Pumps exercise for his wife, Clara.

The Wonda Chair is one of Joseph Pilates most amazing inventions and is still used today for Pilates conditioning and sport specific training. Hundreds of exercises have been developed around this amazing functional fitness work of art.

Joseph Pilates said he was 50 years ahead of his time.. and no doubht..he was.

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Apr 20

The Pilates chair workout is becoming a popular workout class in many fitness facilities around the world. It uses the “Wonder Chair” apparatus from the Pilates Method to focus on building core strength and toning muscles.

Chaise 23, which recently opened, focuses on this workout.

Pilates instructor Lauren Piskin says she’s seen such a response to the chair workout from her clients which include ballet dancers, athletes, and people of all ages, that she had to open up a location solely devoted to it.

Chaise 23
40 E. 23 Street
Flatiron District

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Nov 04


Toes- Pilates-Chair-Exercise Arches- Pilates-Chair-Exercise Heels-Pilates-Chair-Exercise









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Basic: Level of difficulty

Springs: 2 High or less

Repetitions: 10x each orientation

Contraindications: Hip, knee, ankle, and foot injuries

Starting Body Position: Seated on top facing pedal

  • Neutral Spine with ischial tuberosities at front edge of seat; eye gaze to the horizon
  • Hands holding back edge of seat or arms flexed around handle arms
  • 1. Toes: Pilates First Position with metatarsal pads in contact with the pedal; feet plantar flexed; knees opened as wide as the shoulders or see photo page 180 for Classical Starting Body Position
  • 2. Arches: Neutral Leg Alignment (feet and legs parallel and aligned with the ASIS) with metatarsal pads and toes gripping the pedal (bird on a perch); feet plantar flexed or see photo page 180 for Classical Starting Body Position
  • 3. Heels: Neutral Leg Alignment with the heels on the pedal; feet dorsi-flexed or see photo page 180 for Classical Starting Body Position


  • Inhale to prepare
  • Exhale while pressing pedal to floor
  • Inhale while returning to Start Position
  • Progression: Arms abducted 90 degrees


  • Strengthens powerhouse muscles
  • Hip Disassociation
  • Lumbopelvic stability
  • Increases muscular strength and endurance of the hips, thighs, and calves


  • Anterior Head Carriage
  • Shoulder elevation
  • Lack of core strength/control: Buttocks lifting up from seat
  • Foot and ankle alignment: Foot supination and ankle inversion


  • “Imagine your ponytail is being gently pulled back toward the wall.”
  • “Think of your torso as cement and it cannot move an inch.”
  • “Wring out your lungs like water from a wet rag!”
  • “Gently slide your shoulder blades into your hip pockets.”
  • “Imagine a river of energy flowing from your core out through your legs and toes!”

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Jul 14


Pilates Chair Classes Poised To Replacing ‘Spinning’

Hybrid Pilates Chair Classes are poised to replace ‘spinning’ as the group exercise of choice at health clubs as the world wide Mind Body Fitness revolution explodes internationally. From NY City Pilates to London Pilates, Rome Pilates, Tokyo Pilates and beyond this 80 year year old Mind body workout is trending upward around the world. A new look at the application of an old exercise is revolutionizing the way fitness is now being taught. Continue reading »

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May 27

What is MVe?
MVe Peak Pilates MVe Fitness ChairPeak Pilates developed the innovative MVe Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair (Maximum Versatility exercise) to unleash the power of the fastest growing exercise category in the fitness industry – Pilates. The only true all-inclusive solution available, the complete package includes a combination of equipment, on-site instructor training, predesigned group class templates, audio/visual materials and marketing support. The MVe Solutions are designed to be effective and easy to implement in a mainstream health and fitness commercial environment with a minimal start-up investment and turnaround time to launch. They also create a platform as a long-term and scalable solution, allowing your facility to start with a group exercise program and progress into a variety of other fee-based Pilates group and fee-based personal training options as you are ready.

Peak Pilates, with its innovative turn-key, sleek, portable and stackable equipment, is the first in the industry to develop such a fun, rewarding and comprehensive fitness experience, complete with predestined music-driven

Pilates classes. Peak Pilates provides complete and direct results for the hottest trend in fitness today.

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Mar 19

This Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair
Chair Pilates Classes will soon be as popular as spinning classes are today. Peak Pilates MVe Fitness Chair originated at The Physical Mind Institute and is at the fore front of the group pilates chair classes. Its elegant tubular design makes it much lighter and easier to move from one place to another. Continue reading »

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Mar 12

STOTT PILATES Split Pedal Stability Chair with Handles

STOTT Pilates is at the forefront of the world wide Pilates revolution. You can perform more than 75 exercises on the Stott Pilates Split-Pedal Stability Chair with Handles. Ideal for those needing to stay in a seated or upright position, this Pilates chair helps re-balance muscles and provides a full-body workout. Continue reading »

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Jan 15

Pilates Chair (Wunda Chair)

Let us learn more about Pilates and also the benefits of using it. Joseph Pilates, a German gymnast and trainer who settled in America, designed the Pilates Wunda chair about a century ago. This equipment was developed specifically for exercises that tone up certain muscles and improve the mind-body connection. The Wunda chair exercises can be done by both young and old people. Even pregnant women and those having problems of osteoporosis, high blood pressure, and sinusitis can do appropriate exercise on this special chair.

The Wunda chair has undergone changes recently so that more exercises can be performed in a scientific and effective manner.

Special Features of the Wunda Chair
Let us now look into the special features of the Wunda chair that make it so different from any other exercise equipment. This unique chair is usually made from hard wood, more specifically oak. It has an elongated seat, strong foam padding, pedals, springs, steel frames and elastic cords. The headrest and appended straps are flexible. There are wheels for moving this chair easily. Movements on this chair can be done in different postures — seated, prone, supine, side-seated, standing facing the front, facing the back, facing sideways, and standing on the top as well as on the pedals. The normal specifications of the Wunda chair are: length around 40 inches, height around 25 inches, width around 75 inches, weight around 65 ponds and loading capacity around 300 pounds. Continue reading »

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